Conjoined Twins and Medical Law

“He ain’t heavy, oh no ? he’s my brother.

LGBT-Friendly Health Centers

“He ain’t heavy, oh no ? he’s my brother.”

America is now taking slow and steady steps toward gender equality, and this is a very good thing. The number of US states where same-sex marriages are recognized as legal are growing, as it is for the number of states where same-sex couples can tie the knot in a binding and legal way. LGBT-friendly honeymoon spots and resorts are now making their presence felt. TV spots and print ads celebrate the diverse spectrums of families, and despite backlash from a few conservative communities, progress continue to march on.

In the same light, there are also a number of LGBT-friendly health care sites that are open to the public. California is one great hub for healthcare centers that are open and accepting of any race, creed, and sexual orientation. There are also a number of HMOS that offer transgender healthcare services, as well as clinics that offer fertility services to same-sex couples looking to get pregnant and start a family.